Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Freshtel : australia

Freshtel: "GoTrek Internet TV + Firefly VoIP = total voice and video online communication
Official GoConnect Press Release
Melbourne, Australia - May 19, 2004 --- GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd and Freshtel Pty Ltd have entered into an agreement for GoConnect to market and distribute Freshtel's Firefly Voice over IP application, to GoConnect's GoTrek users. GoTrek users are able to watch TV quality video infotainment on the Internet even on dialup connections. Soon, they will also be able to talk to each other about these videos by using the Firefly application for free, so long as they are both online.
GoConnect's Option Plan ISP is the first ISP under agreement to enable its subscribers to use the Firefly application to make calls on the Internet to other Firefly users, at no cost. GoConnect subscribers will also be provided with special incentives to use the Firefly application to call fixed line or mobile phones. Subscribers of GoConnect's Option Plan ISP already receive an unlimited download dialup service at an attractive price, with free video infotainment provided by GoConnect. Soon, the ISP plan will also save them on telephone charges if they use the Firefly application.
Mr Michael Carew, founder and CEO of Freshtel said, 'It is great to see a progressive, forward thinking company such as GoConnect understand the VoIP market and the importance of establishing a voice presence in this fast moving industry.'
'VoIP has come a long way from its humble beginning a few years ago. At Freshtel, we have focussed our Firefly development effort on delivering the best quality Internet phone calls to users of the application. We have also developed simple to use handsets to go with the application for both consumers and businesses.'
'Our users have often remarked how little difference there is between VoIP using Firefly compared to the traditional phone"


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