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Lucas Oleniuk for Asiaweek.
James says he wants more of Rupert's advice, while Richard seeks distance from Li Ka-shing.

A Tale of Two Sons
STAR's James Murdoch wants to rule Asia's Internet. He has a head start on Richard Li. But can he hold it?

� In Search of the 'Target Wallet': Young Murdoch expects you'll pay to let STAR TV entertain you
� Sticks and Stones: Quotes and Profles

James Murdoch, son of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch, may have been hitting the complimentary coffee bar a little hard at a recent television broadcasters' festival in Scotland. 'If I have to read another article about 'Threats and Opportunities,' 'Surviving in the Digital Era,' 'The New Realities of the New Economy' or some such other angst-ridden twaddle I'll just have to f***king shoot myself,' Murdoch said in a speech. Certainly the sentiment is one everyone may share in these Internet-crazed days, but you'd hardly expect to hear it voiced by someone who is supposed to be leading his father's giant media conglomerate, News Corp., into the Digital Age in Asia. Yet that is just what Murdoch, as chief executive of News Corp.'s wholly-owned subsidiary STAR TV, is attempting. Over the last several months, the 27-year-old Harvard dropout has been cutting deals and arranging partnerships from his Hong Kong headquarters that will transform STAR from Asia's largest satellite-TV network into Asia's largest broadband Internet access and content delivery service"


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